Can't Sleep

Can't Sleep

**ever have one of those nights?**

It’s hard to fall asleep tonight
Because all I can think of is you
I can’t seem to get to sleep
Which is what I really want to do

I’m laying in bed…wide awake
When sleep is what I need.
But thinking of you is keeping me up!
What a problem this is indeed.

I’m still awake and it’s very late
This really isn’t fair!
I need my rest, it’ll be morning soon
But my mind just doesn’t care.

I’m thinking about you, how I want you near,
As I stare outside my window.
I cuddle up close, (which is dumb I suppose)
Because I’m wishing you were my pillow.

I wish you were here laying next to me
As I run my fingers through your hair.
I want to be warm, wrapped in your arms
And fall asleep knowing you’re there

I want to rest my head on your chest,
To be calmed by your steady heart-beating,
To lay there and smile because you’ll be here all the while,
Under sheets while we’re gently sleeping.

But alas, what a shame, everything is the same
And I’m still alone in my bed.
I’m thinking of you and it’s keeping me up…
I guess I’ll try sleeping again instead.


assalamualaikum~ *sambil kelip2 mata ;;)

lupe dah camne nak update blog..hihi..gile lame xupdate..
btw...rasa nye xterlambat lgi nak ucapkan...selamat menjalani ibadah puasa :)
and..rasa nya xterlalu awal..tinggal brape hari lagi nak Raya..
selamat menyambut aidilfitri...:)
Puasa penuh x? hihi...if penuh...Alhamdulillahhh~
Tarawikh? full? kalo full Alhamdulillah..
k la..nak sambung kje ..

*bulan2 Puasa ni..xtipu!sungguh Biziii sesangat..huhu..
semoga kerja yang banyak ni..dapat mengurangkan dosa mengumpat terumpat aku ;)
& kerja yang banyak ni...mendapat berkat dari Allah S.B.W..Amin~

* ♥ dis Pic much