I miss blogging

Salam peeps!
Tired of waiting for my new update??
I miss my blog dow -_-. More than anyone do.
siyesly i Haven't got time to update my blog for quite a while.
huhu~Ignored my blog for awhile,
busy with work lately and I can’t spend much time blogging about stuff.
Sometimes I've been a silent viewer to my own blog.
Fyi,I've been drafting a lot lately but never finished 'em.
I'll try to go back to square one and publish those
worth-waiting-ordinary-stories asap okay!
Insya Allah..
Will write a proper post next time.
See you!

*miss them* {me&my fiancee wif beloved mum,uncles ,Cuzzies & nieces}

{wif org kuat *my tulang blakang* my beloved mum, sis & cuzzi}
*sila abaikan permandangan kat blakang 2..sungguh berselerakkan..after majlis..
main2 tulun2 tengok org dapur..hikkss

2 ♥love me =):

saSha a.K.a MumYalya said...

u miss blogging??i miss u :'(
anyway..suka pic yg reramai tu..update lagi ok :p

misz_atiey said...

miss u 2 kak :'(boring dow..akk xde d depan..hihii..i like too!!tapi muka aty muncung2 siput le kak..tah pape la..ekeke..ok2..nnti aty update g k ;)